Why Lyco

Our longtime customers have may reasons for choosing Lyco Wausau as their preferred supplier of stainless steel vacuum pumps.

  • They like our quick turn around that typically takes only one to two weeks from purchase order to shipment. Most pumps and spare parts are in stock and ready to go.
  • They like the many motor options we offer to help meet their performance and budget requirements.
  • They like the peace-of-mind knowing that when a Lyco Wausau pump arrives it performs perfectly because we test every pump for several hours before we ship it.
  • They like the long term reliability our pumps provide. We use 316L stainless steel as standard material for the rotor, cylinder body, porting cover and shaft—and all our pumps operate at 1750 RPMs for longer seal life. With proper maintenance, your Lyco Wausau stainless steel pumps can last a lifetime.
  • And they like knowing—if they do let pump maintenance schedules slip--Lyco Wausau stainless steel pumps are among the easiest in the industry to field repair.

More Reasons to Consider Lyco Wausau Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps